What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the method of displaying multimedia content on a display unit such as a LCD screen, a plasma display panel, a monitor, a video wall composed of a number of screens to deliver informative and entertaining content to employees, visitors, captive audiences and passers by.

As opposed to still images, multimedia content is the new standard of digital communication. The information presented to your viewers will not only be exciting but also captivating.


Typical Digital Signage Setup

Deploying a digital signage network typically involves connecting screens at each venue to media players that are in turn connected to the Internet or a local computer network.

Our creative personnel, creates content assets like movies, images, graphs or web pages.¬†These assets are then loaded into a special digital signage Content Management System (CMS).¬†Once the content assets are loaded into the CMS software, they can be scheduled into playlists — instructions that tell each media player to show the content at a particular date and time.

Digital Signage At Work


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